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Mint comes bundled with Firefox. The Mint repo has the latest version of Firefox.And, the Adobe - Flash Player "About" page is a good one to test flash on too, tells the versions available & installed. FYI, the NPAPI version for Linux & Solaris probably will not be updated past 11.2. Как установить Adobe Flash Player в Ubuntu/Linux mint Adobe стала предлагать свой плагин Flash Player для Linux пару месяцев назад, через 4 года после отказа от платформы. В последующие годы вздернутость опоры паутины на использование Flash-технологий (к счастью) сократилось. Но это не значит, что мы живем в... Installing Adobe flash player for Firefox - Alpine Linux Musl libc "should be" ABI compatible to use Adobe flash player within Firefox. Install libc6-compat apk from aports. Download the tar.gz file for your architecture from: https://get.

Linux Mint - Community Printerpix website request adobe flash to build photo album - work fine with mint 18.1 - A restart of firefox is needed after setup. 1 ngrcld 2 years ago Adobe Flash Player GUI - Install the latest version on Linux Mint Adobe Flash Player GUI - Install the latest version on Linux Mint Section: Other / Internet | Actuality: Unspecified Despite the fact that the days of Flash are coming to the end and on many sites it is long since superseded by more modern and safe HTML5 elements and javascript, sometimes it is still used, so you need Flash Player from Adobe in your system. How do i install flash player on linux mint 18 cinnamon ...

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